Meet 401(PRO)

401(PRO) is the simple, effective turnkey solution that allows small business owners and human resources teams to spend more time growing the business, not managing the 401(k) plan.

With 401(PRO), it's simple.
You get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

Start receiving the service you deserve

  • Consistent, meaningful communication
  • One point of contact for all service providers
  • 1-on-1 employee education


Maximize the value of your 401(k) plan

  • Low cost investment options like Vanguard and DFA
  • Simplified plan structure
  • No hidden fees eroding returns

Cost & Hassle

Spend your time growing your business, not worrying about your 401(k) plan

  • Intelligent plan design
  • Technology and payroll integration
  • Service provider evaluation support

Liability & Worry

We act as your fiduciary so you have peace of mind

  • Highest level 3(38) fiduciary protection
  • Detailed reporting and recordkeeping
  • New DoL regulation tracking

With 401(PRO), you finally get that “serve” in service.
As part of our dedicated service approach to your plan, we hit the ground running with you and never stop.
Key Findings
Investment Policy Statement ("IPS")

Whether you have an existing IPS or we start fresh, we’ll help you create an IPS that clearly defines roles and responsibilities, investment guidelines, and a set of processes that will help ensure your plan is meeting objectives.

Peer Benchmarking

We provide you with a detailed analysis of the plans that your peers are using so you are fully informed about where you stand vs. your competition.

Performance Reporting And Recordkeeping

Stop spending time trying to choose which investment options you should offer in your plan – let us do the work for you and provide you with all the required supporting documentation.

Regular reviews and feedback opportunities

We strive to be as much of a resource to you as possible. That means regularly reviewing your plan structure and performance, working with your employees, and managing any unexpected curve balls you may get (of course, we’ll do our best to keep these to a minimum).

With 401(PRO), we’ve got your back.
We serve as your dedicated fiduciary advisor, meaning less risk and more reward for you.

As a plan sponsor, we suggest you ask yourself one simple question when considering your fiduciary responsibility to your employees:

“”“If I get sued tomorrow, who takes the blame and what is my defense?”

We provide you with our 401(PRO) Fiduciary Shield, which means we serve as the highest level 3(38) fiduciary to your plan. By transferring your responsibility for selecting and monitoring plan investment options, you eliminate your fiduciary burden to the extent possible. That means more empowerment and protection for you.

With 401(PRO), we're your single point of contact.
We help coordinate all aspects of your plan, meaning less red tape and fewer headaches for you.

To maximize the value of your 401(k) plan, you need a plan design specific to your company’s needs. With 401(PRO), we aim to eliminate all unnecessary processes (and costs!) and consolidate the moving pieces. Where possible, we will:

  • Evaluate and work with existing service providers to minimize disruption
  • Review plan structure options to maximize tax advantages
  • Establish 360 degree integration with payroll
  • Coordinate tasks of plan service providers
  • Help source additional service providers as regulations require (such as plan auditors)

With 401(PRO), pricing is simple and transparent.
You've got enough things to worry about. You deserve a plan with NO hidden fees, NO commissions, and NO gimmicks.

We are paid solely through our annual plan service fee, nothing more.  That means no more worries about any of the under-the-table fees commonly found in 401(k) plans.

The most you will ever pay for 401(PRO) is 0.50% of total plan assets, however your fee may be lower depending on plan size and structure.  Our goal is to help you design and manage a plan with overall expenses below industry average.*

You can also rest easy knowing that your plan fee structure will never increase with 401(PRO).

*401(PRO) service fee assumes a plan with total assets of at least $500,000.  Industry averages are based on the fee results provided in the December 2014 Brightscope/ICI Defined Contribution Plan Profile report.  401(PRO) service fee listed only includes the advisory fee paid to Austin Wealth Management, LLC and does not include underlying plan investment fees and other plan service provider expenses paid to third parties.