What is the Purpose of Your Investments?

Common Questions
  • How much of my money should I have in the stock market?
  • Should I just buy index funds?
  • Is the market too expensive? Should we wait for a correction?
  • Should I put some of my money in rental real estate?
  • Should I focus on high dividend stocks?
  • What happens if interest rates go up?
  • How much Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google should we own?
  • Can I invest in startups?
  • What about Bitcoin?
How Can We Help You Invest?
Education & Research
  • How markets work
  • Historical return factors
  • Trends & innovations
  • Understanding risk
  • Investing psychology
Integration with Planning
  • Purpose
  • Timeline
  • Account selection (401k, Roth, 529, etc)
  • Required returns
  • Risk budgeting
Custom Design
  • Strategy preferences
  • Allocation choices
  • Investment styles
  • Mutual funds, ETFs, etc
  • Private investments
  • Minimize taxes
  • Manage all fees
  • Rebalance
  • Dividend strategy
  • Cash inflows/withdrawals
Measure Everything
  • Total portfolio performance
  • All accounts in one view
  • Includes private investments (real estate, business, etc)
  • Helpful charts & graphs
  • Market insight
How is AWM Different?

  • No sales pressure. We don’t have a boss with quotas.
  • We pay attention to the little things that matter a lot.
  • We make practical recommendations from personal experience.
  • We coordinate with your CPAs, attorney, and other professionals.
  • We follow our own advice.
  • We don’t have a minimum account size or requirements.
  • We use the most compelling evidence to construct investment portfolios.
  • We offer the latest technology to keep your financial info in one place.
  • We have flexibility to meet in person, via video chat, or at Regus locations.
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