Kevin X. Smith, CFA
Derek Ripp, CFP®, CEPA
Anna Bell Gall, MPP
John Toungate, CFP®
Shane McDougald, CFP®
Manisha Gupta, CFP®, MBA
Matthew Pierce, CFA
Jared Mejstrik, CIMA®
David Lowe, CFP®
Brandon Crouch
Sheila Schmitt
Alison Cohen
Cody Kesterke
Jennifer Martin
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How Our Team is Different
On Your Own
Your financial advice comes from an array of professionals in the form of brokers, advisors, accountants, bankers, attorneys and more. Unfortunately, odds are high that none of these people are coordinating appropriately, resulting in fragmented and conflicting notions about which decisions are best.
With Our Team
When you hire our team, we actively engage your professional advisors, provide them information with your permission, and help you build an efficient financial plan using the best available ideas.

Our Core Principles
No Sales Pitch, Just Education

How much better would you feel about your financial situation if you had a better handle on the core concepts behind investing, budgeting, insurance, debt and taxes? You don’t need a PhD, but a 101 will make you more independent and more likely to succeed. We use illustrations and analogies to make complex concepts easier to grasp. If you are craving even more knowledge, we can take the education as far as you want. Our whiteboards are never clean.

You Should Have a Financial Advocate

When selecting a physician to work with, most people try to select someone that they can communicate with and trust. They want someone that can step into their shoes, assess their overall financial health and make recommendations that are in their best interests. Ultimately, they are looking for an advocate. When it comes to your finances, why would selecting an advisor be any different? It shouldn’t. We believe that our job is to help educate you, present you with options to help you achieve your objectives and then hold you accountable to taking action.

Accountability Leads to Progress

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution, worked really hard for a few months and then scrapped the whole plan? Of course you have – we all have. It’s one of the reasons people hire a personal trainer to lose weight – accountability. We believe that once we’ve worked with you to develop a plan to reach your goals, both the advisor and client should be accountable to executing the strategy. If not, your financial plan may end up like so many treadmills that have been repurposed to hang clothes on. Accountability is the glue that helps you stay on track to achieve your most important financial objectives in life.

We Believe in the Power of Integrity and Honesty

We are advocates, not salespeople. We never stop learning. We listen to our clients. We welcome change. We believe in the power of integrity and honesty.

Austin Wealth Management is a financial planning company in Austin, TX. We serve as professional educators and advocates for the financial well-being of families in Central Texas. We believe that the business of financial advice can and should be rooted deeply in the research of America’s finest institutions and delivered with the same attention and care as a Four Seasons concierge.

Our inspiration to create a client-driven financial planning service was born from our experience in a predominantly sales-driven financial industry. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the business and created Austin Wealth Management to support a new direction by placing clients in the center of innovation and attention.

Our mission is to constantly improve the way financial advice is given so that people will make better decisions to improve their quality of life and sense of financial security.

We have built a team of professionals with specialized knowledge who work together to collectively serve our clients by communicating effectively, making sure changes take place, progress is made, and our clients are happy.

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