Change Requires Action

Once you have developed a financial plan to achieve your goals, the key to success is being able to implement the required changes to make progress towards your objectives. This could be as simple as saving more money into your money market account, increasing your 401(k) contribution, or committing an extra $500 per month to pay off your credit cards. At times, it can be difficult and scary to initiate change. Change requires stepping into the unknown and can be difficult without someone holding you accountable. We pride ourselves on our ability to help hold you accountable to make the necessary changes and help you take the steps towards achieving your goals.

Updating Your Plan

Your financial situation is constantly evolving and as such, your plan needs to be adjusted on a regular basis to make sure you are still on track to reach your goals. At any given point, we should know whether or not you are still on track to achieve your retirement goal or your children’s education goals. There are a lot of tools that we use to make sure we stay on top of your situation, but one of the most important is our innovative Wealth Management System that helps us monitor and track your progress online. This secure, web-based dashboard updates all your accounts every evening and allows both us and our clients a place where we can make sure they are always on track to achieve their objectives. It allows us to work with you to refine and revise your financial situation as your life changes. That way, we always have an up-to date, living financial plan that allows us to track where you are today and where we project you to be in the future.

Accountability is a 2-Way Street

Financial advisors are responsible for helping their clients achieve their financial goals. Consequently, they should be accountable for results that are produced by their advice – whether it’s good or bad. At Austin Wealth Management, we believe that a successful relationship is built on our ability to help get our clients to their desired destination. Therefore, our clients should hold us accountable to making sure the recommendations they are executing with us are getting them closer to the achievement of their objectives.