Being your advocate can mean a lot of different things. As your financial advocate, you can expect us to follow these core principles:

Our Clients’ Interests Always Come First

The inherent conflict of interest in a relationship between a client and a financial advisor is the incentive of the advisor to make recommendations to maximize his or her income, when those recommendations may not be best for the client. Further complicating this conflict is the imbalance of information held by the advisor compared to the client. We are keenly aware of the trepidation this can cause, given the importance and impact of financial decisions and the well-published abuse of this conflict by practitioners in our industry. To address this issue, we focus on the following principles to protect our clients from this conflict.

  • We embrace our role as a fiduciary. A fiduciary duty is a legal duty to act solely in another party’s interests. Both our financial planning and investment management service agreements bestow this responsibility upon us.
  • We provide maximum transparency. We provide detailed information about all fees related to any investment or insurance product or service.

No Sales Pressure

When it comes to your financial well-being, there should not be any pressure associated with buying a service or a product. Let’s face it; no one likes to be put in a position where they feel like they were “sold”. We don’t like it either. Our process is designed to eliminate any type of sales pressure by first educating our clients on the financial concepts that are pertinent to their specific situation, then collaborate with our clients to help them determine which options that they are both comfortable with and are likely to improve the probability of achieving their goals.

Clients Drive Our Business

Our business exists to improve the financial lives of our clients. The best way to achieve that goal is to focus on the real issues that people struggle with and provide help that they can actually use and implement. Rather than assuming we know what our clients need, we systematically ask, listen, and adapt. Through our one-on-one interactive client surveys, we seek to gain feedback, insight and ways to make our service more effective. We have also developed a Client Advisory Board to ensure that our strategic initiatives are aligned with our clients’ current and future needs.

Far Beyond Stocks, Bonds, & Insurance

We venture with our clients far away from the world of stock brokers and insurance sales into everyday financial decisions. For example, our clients routinely look to us to evaluate loans, employee benefits and even country club memberships. Our work as financial advocates is never over. We treat our investment management fees as payment for ongoing and comprehensive financial advice.

Referrals When You Need Them

Clients often look to us to refer to them to quality service providers to implement components of their financial plans. We are constantly evaluating local professionals who prioritize customer service, a consultative approach and expertise in their field. Here are some of the organizations we often entrust with referrals.

Referrals for Families & Individuals

Tax Preparation and Consultation

Davila, Buschhorn & Associates, P.C.
Danny Davila, CPA

Wills and Estate Planning Services

Strasburger & Price, LLP
Marty Roos, Attorney

Individual Health Insurance Policies

JMJ Benefits
Jeffrey Jones, Agent

Referrals for Businesses

Employee Benefits
Capital Benefits Group
Brian Penny

Corporate Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Fiduciaries, LLC
Tom Carter

Business Insurance
BKCW Insurance
Christian Kopp, Agent

Business Legal Services
Richards Rodriguez & Skeith
Paul Skeith, Attorney