No Sales Pitch, Just Education

How much better would you feel about your financial situation if you had a better handle on the core concepts behind investing, budgeting, insurance, debt and taxes? You don’t need a PhD, but a 101 will make you more independent and more likely to succeed. We use illustrations and analogies to make complex concepts easier to grasp. If you are craving even more knowledge, we can take the education as far as you want. Our whiteboards are never clean.

Through the creation of your financial plan, we provide clients with the knowledge to make important life decisions and understand the potential financial impact of those decisions. Although every client will have different needs, we focus on providing education in the following areas to help alleviate our clients’ concerns:

  • Wall Street vs. Main Street: We help bridge the massive knowledge gap between Wall Street and Main Street to help you understand your investments and make smart choices.
  • Amateur vs. Professional Investing: According to several studies, the average amateur investor significantly under performs the average professional. Let’s change that by giving you the knowledge and strategies used by professionals.
  • Increasing Savings Rates: Most young families under save with the expectation they can make it up later. We can show you why you should save 20-30% of your gross pay, and how you can make it happen without missing your mortgage payment.
  • Preparing for College: What will college tuition look like when your one year old applies 18 years from now? Are you ready for college expenses to be $250,000? We can help you prepare for this so you ensure your little tykes get the education they deserve.
  • Budgeting: Do you have a budget you can realistically follow each month? We can help identify spending patterns, where your money is really going and create a budget you can actually stick to.
  • Massive Debt: We understand getting out of debt is difficult. We can help you attack your payments and create a step ladder to get your family out of the pit of debt.
  • Retirement Expectations: What retirement expectations are realistic? Can you travel to Paris and Venice or will you have trouble with the grocery store? We can help create a confident retirement plan to make your dreams a reality or identify your reality as a dream.
  • Income Plans: We can help you create a well thought out income plan that takes into account possible future health expenses. We hope you don’t ever have to pay the hospital, but we’ll make sure you’re prepared if you ever have to.
  • Lack of Trust: There are many valid reasons to be skeptical and distrustful of the financial services industry. It is our responsibility to rebuild that trust back through integrity, transparency and excellent communication.
  • Fear of the Stock Market: We understand many people are distrustful of the stock market because they’ve been burned in the past. We can help make sure you’re aware of investment risks and how they apply to you.
  • Household Communication: We understand that different people view and think about financials very differently. We can help you and your spouse communicate effectively about finances. When you’re on the same page, you are able to make more impactful decisions.