Easy Math: 1.00% > 0.05% Interest on Cash
January 29, 2015  | By Kevin Smith

As of today, 01/29/15, interest rates paid for online savings accounts are in the 1.00% range and very close to the rates 12 month CDs are paying. We encourage clients with excess cash to consider these online savings accounts to…Read More

Share Class Conversions for Lower Investment Costs
January 22, 2015  | By Kevin Smith

Part of our job as financial advisors is to seek out the best investment service relative to fees for our clients. One of the many benefits of moving your accounts to TD Ameritrade is access to lower cost mutual fund…Read More

When do I need to submit college financial aid forms?
January 13, 2015  | By Kevin Smith

It depends on the form you’re filling out and whether your child is a new college student or a returning student. College deadlines for the federal government’s financial aid form, the FAFSA, might be anywhere from February 1 to April…Read More

No Matter What Your Age, Your Social Security Statement Matters
January 13, 2015  | By Kevin Smith

Fifteen years ago, the Social Security Administration (SSA) launched the Social Security Statement, a tool to help Americans understand the features and benefits that Social Security offers. Since then, millions of Americans have reviewed their personalized statements to see a…Read More

All About IPOs
January 13, 2015  | By Kevin Smith

Maybe you’ve heard someone talking about investing in “a hot new IPO” and wondered what all the fuss was about. Or maybe you’ve heard about a company “going public” and thought about whether you should invest in it. If you’re…Read More