A better approach to index investing: WSJ article on DFA
December 1, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

We are generally in favor of ‘passive’ or ‘indexing’ strategies as an effective means to capture market returns and fine tune the amount of risk investors want to take. However, not all index-based investment products are the same, and you…Read More

How to search for a Financial Planner: Google search results
November 30, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

We conduct research on our competition in an effort to constantly improve our services and to make sure our fees are competitive (turns out they are VERY competitive). It occurred to us that it would be very difficult for someone…Read More

How we use Twitter
November 28, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

If you use Twitter, you may want to consider following us. We have found Twitter to be an excellent method of providing current and relevant perspectives on important financial topics. This allows us to use email sparingly and save you…Read More

Charity + Tax Deduction: a charitable fund
November 8, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

This may be relevant if you are interested in some combination of the following… You want to be involved in charitable giving. You are seeking tax deductions. You want to take your time to determine the proper array of charities…Read More

Market timing: if and when it is sensible?
October 4, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

Rob Arnott is the founder of Research Affiliates, a firm that researches sources of long-term excess returns in financial markets. This five minute interview contains his thoughts on the efficacy of market timing and his belief in the most practical…Read More

Presidential Elections and Stock Markets
October 3, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

We naturally receive quite a few questions about investing with regards to the upcoming Presidential election, and as you might expect given the polarizing nature of the candidates, the concerns about potential market declines usually align with the political leanings…Read More

Interest Rate Decline on Federal Student Loans
July 25, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

New student loans issued by the federal government will cost students less. More info here

3 BIG Financial Considerations to Having Children
June 23, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

By:  Jonathan McQuade, CFP® Okay, okay.  Deciding to have children is not often based on the idea of a positive economic outcome for parents.  As the father of two young children, my colleagues like to remind me of the average…Read More