Can we afford that house? Rules of thumb.
March 19, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

There is usually a difference between the house we really want and the house we can actually afford. Figuring out a reasonable purchase price is critically important for financial security, and it is easy to let that number float up,…Read More

Deciding which house to buy
March 12, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

This is the time of year when home buyers and sellers become very active. If you are a potential buyer, let’s face it, this town is EXPENSIVE! The obvious reasons are: 1) People want to live here at an increasing…Read More

Higher interest rates on cash
March 6, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

Good news! Higher short-term interest rates mean higher potential returns on your cash. This is not going to make or break your retirement plans, but it may be worth a 30 minute exercise to review the interest you are earning on…Read More