All time highs
January 30, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

  The level of anxiety about markets increasing dramatically is beginning to boil over. There are a variety of reasons working together to cause these feelings, often triggered by the recently common headline “New record highs!” There is a prevailing…Read More

2017 Market Recap
January 16, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

Please follow this link to view the complete annual report in PDF format. Here are some interesting highlights from 2017: Emerging market stocks +37% vs US Stock market +21% US Large Cap Growth index +30%, led by tech sector Top…Read More

Expanded Use of 529 Funds
January 10, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

Expanded Use of 529 Funds Beginning on January 1, 2018, 529 account owners may take tax-free withdrawals up to $10,000 annually from their accounts for tuition expenses at public, private, or religious schools. This provision will apply to elementary, middle, and high schools. Financial…Read More

We use Twitter to share timely info
January 3, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

If you are a frequent user of Twitter, you may want to consider following us @ATXWealthMgmt. Twitter can be a mess and a complete waste of time. However, I have found that by carefully curating a list of people to follow, it becomes an…Read More