2017 Market Recap

January 16, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

Please follow this link to view the complete annual report in PDF format.

Here are some interesting highlights from 2017:

  • Emerging market stocks +37% vs US Stock market +21%
  • US Large Cap Growth index +30%, led by tech sector
  • Top performing developed market countries: Austria +51%, Denmark +35%
  • Top performing emerging market countries: Poland +54%, China +51%
  • Developed market currency most appreciated vs US dollar: Euro +14%
  • Global Real Estate +16% vs US Real Estate +4%
  • Commodities: +2% index, -37% natural gas, +30% aluminum, +12% gold

Some of the most common inquiries we received in 2017.

  • Is it time to sell? The market seems expensive.
  • New money to invest – should I wait for a dip?
  • Bitcoin!
  • Investing in the marijuana industry
  • Trump – good or bad for markets?
  • Tax law overhaul impact
  • Geopolitical tensions
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