A better approach to index investing: WSJ article on DFA
December 1, 2016  | By Kevin Smith

We are generally in favor of ‘passive’ or ‘indexing’ strategies as an effective means to capture market returns and fine tune the amount of risk investors want to take. However, not all index-based investment products are the same, and you…Read More

Improved Mobile Access to Your Wealth Management System
March 6, 2014  | By Kevin Smith

  The latest mobile version of the Wealth Management System is now live. We encourage you to explore this excellent use of technology.   Quick links to important information such as: Net Worth Investments Spending Budget Transactions Vault Some of…Read More

Buffett on Investing in Gold
July 1, 2013  | By Kevin Smith

Warren Buffett is famous for his annual shareholder letter from Berkshire Hathaway. He often explains complex financial concepts in simple, sometimes humorous terms. In over 30 years of such letters to investors, Buffett has rarely even mentioned gold. He changed…Read More

What you need to know about bonds
May 3, 2013  | By Kevin Smith

I often joke that few people I meet have a strong understanding bonds because 1) bonds are boring and 2) bonds are complicated. ‘Boring and complicated’ don’t make for good movie scripts, book plots, or cocktail hour conversations. My objective…Read More

How are the prices of stocks and bonds determined?
March 1, 2012  | By Kevin Smith

This is an extremely important question that requires a fundamental understanding of the relationships between companies and their investors and of risk and return. If you get a handle on these concepts, you will have a better idea for how…Read More