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NEW! North Austin Location

October 22, 2018

In an effort to better serve our clients who live and work north of the river, we have opened a meeting location at the intersection … Read More

Podcast: Budgeting in Austin, TX

September 5, 2018

This podcast breaks down the difficult challenge of budgeting for a middle to upper middle class family in Austin, Texas. Find it here: We … Read More

US vs The World

September 5, 2018

Stock markets have exhibited some fascinating behavior this year, and I’m not just talking about Elon Musk tweeting Tesla’s price up and down. (Although I … Read More

Trade Wars

July 18, 2018

If wealth creation can be defined as more people accessing better products and services at lower prices, then Trade Wars gum up the works. It … Read More

Tech Update: Portfolio Insight

May 17, 2018

We are excited to announce a new visual investment dashboard in your Orion portal. Orion is a performance reporting system that uses data feeds from … Read More

The Flat Yield Curve

April 17, 2018

Here is what has been going on in global markets in Q1 of 2018. Click here for the full Q1 report in PDF format. Some interesting … Read More

Can we afford that house? Rules of thumb.

March 19, 2018

There is usually a difference between the house we really want and the house we can actually afford. Figuring out a reasonable purchase price is … Read More

Deciding which house to buy

March 12, 2018

This is the time of year when home buyers and sellers become very active. If you are a potential buyer, let’s face it, this town … Read More

Higher interest rates on cash

March 6, 2018

Good news! Higher short-term interest rates mean higher potential returns on your cash. This is not going to make or break your retirement plans, but it … Read More

The Great Correction of February 2018

February 12, 2018

Last week was a doozy! The US stock market had been on a record-breaking streak of sessions without significant declines, so sharp drops in the … Read More