Modern budgets
December 6, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

A tiny fraction of the population loves budgeting and has years of spending data stored in Excel models. The rest of us would rather scrub grout between bathroom tiles. Using a budget is how to make financial progress on purpose….Read More

From Vanguard on the Future
December 6, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

Vanguard stepped up its research capabilities and provided more information to investors in 2018 than ever before. Their market outlook for 2019 is particularly well assembled. My cliff notes are below and you can find the entire paper here. Short…Read More

My Lunch with Ben Bernanke
November 27, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

Ben Bernanke can smile… and he is actually kind of funny. The perfectly formal and stiff Bernanke we remember from appearances during his tenure at the Fed spoke freely with occasional wit and humor at a November 2018 lunch meeting…Read More

Year-End Planning Tips: Your Charitable Fund
October 24, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is kind of like your own personal endowment, but without the administrative costs and hassles. A DAF is an investment account that receives your charitable donations, allows you to take the tax deduction in the…Read More

Year-End Planning Tips: Employee Benefits
October 24, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

If you have open enrollment between now and the end of the year, here are some important considerations. Health insurance – if your employer offers a high-deductible plan with an HSA account and matching funding, this may be worth strong…Read More

Year-End Planning Tips: Roth Conversions
October 24, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

The Roth IRA is fantastic. When you deposit funds to a Roth IRA, the IRS tells us that you will never be taxed again on that money. This can be particularly compelling if you are expecting significant taxable income in…Read More