Introducing 401(PRO) – small business retirement plans

December 8, 2017  | By Kevin Smith

As part of our planning services, we consistently see clients with 401(k) plans that are poorly designed, expensive, and not maximizing tax advantages.  Unfortunately, employers are often not aware that they could be receiving better 401(k) services while actually lowering their overall plan costs.  In fact, many employers couldn’t even tell you who manages their 401(k) and how their plan compares to alternatives, something that is now required by the Department of Labor.

Recognizing the demand for this type of service, we are excited to launch 401(PRO), a turnkey solution for small business owners and HR teams that want a sophisticated 401(k) plan without the typical headaches and costs they’ve become accustomed to.

Wes Gallup ([email protected]) is leading this effort for us. We’ve listed below a quick summary of what our new 401(PRO) service includes. You can learn more by visiting our 401(PRO) web page.

Consistent, Reliable Service

  • Frequent, proactive communication
  • Single point of contact
  • Regular reviews, benchmark comparison reports and feedback

High Quality Investments

  • Low cost funds from robust managers like DFA and Vanguard
  • Easy to understand investment options
  • Broadly diversified

Fiduciary Protection

  • Highest level fiduciary service, eliminating liability to the extent possible
  • Detailed investment reporting and recordkeeping

Sophisticated Plan Design

  • Creative designs to maximize tax advantages
  • Payroll integration
  • Employee education

Transparent, Competitive Fees

  • Fixed 401(PRO) fee of 0.50% with overall plan costs targeted at 1.0% (including service provider expenses), which is well below industry average for comparable plans according to leading research providers.

Kevin X. Smith, CFA
  |  [email protected]

Kevin is responsible for advising clients for whom he is the lead financial advisor. He also manages the operations and development of the firm, and oversees all of the investments of Austin Wealth Management clients. Kevin is on a mission…Read More

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