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February 5, 2019  | By Kevin Smith

Financial planning just got better with the addition of RightCapital, a fresh new cloud-based program for organizing financial information and visualizing financial concepts. We have been using eMoney for almost 10 years, waiting for a competitor to develop a better user experience. RightCapital enters as the next generation of planning software.

For those of you who have become comfortable with eMoney and prefer to continue using their platform, we will maintain a license to accommodate you. But we encourage you to give RightCapital a look. Here are some of the wonderful features you might enjoy…


It is easier than ever to have all of your financial accounts with live information in one place. RightCapital uses the latest technology to create secure connections and minimize the need to update passwords.

Easily drop files into a secure Vault from your computer or cloud-based storage.


The budget tracking tool is smart and simple.

Debt Pay-down Strategy

Visualize the impact of making extra mortgage payments or paying off a student loan.

Investment Summary

Take a quick glance at your investment allocation across all accounts.

Retirement Forecast

RightCapital calculates the probability of a successful retirement. See how our recommendations might improve your outlook.

Social Security Optimizer

One of the more common questions we hear is “When should I take Social Security?” This tool helps visualize the different choices.

College Funding

Take a look at how much more you want to save to help your kids or grand kids with college. Change your monthly savings amount and see the difference immediately.

Tax Optimizer

Taxes are complicated, but RightCapital makes it easy to see how tax rates will apply over the course of your life.

Estate Planning

Sometimes a flow chart is the best way to visualize complicated situations, like estate planning. This helps you understand how your assets will be distributed according to your Will and Trust documents… less any taxes you might owe.

We will introduce clients to this new planning software throughout the course of 2019. If you want to get started with it now, just send us an email and we will send you access. Happy planning!

Kevin X. Smith, CFA
  |  [email protected]

Kevin is responsible for advising clients for whom he is the lead financial advisor. He also manages the operations and development of the firm, and oversees all of the investments of Austin Wealth Management clients. Kevin is on a mission…Read More

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