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May 17, 2018  | By Kevin Smith

We are excited to announce a new visual investment dashboard in your Orion portal. Orion is a performance reporting system that uses data feeds from TD Ameritrade and other custodians and presents that information to you in a visual way.

To check out this new feature, login to the Orion system. If you do not have login access, please let us know and we will set you up. This resource is available to Wealth Management clients with accounts held at TD Ameritrade.

Then click on the Insight tab highlighted below in an example of what you will see. Notice that you can change the date range in the top right corner.

The top left “mountain chart” shows the total market value of your investments as well as the net amount you have invested, indicated by the gray line. The net amount is how much you have invested, less how much you have withdrawn from your accounts. The grey line goes upward as you add new investments and downward as you take money out. The difference between the grey line and the blue area is the gain or loss on your investments at any point in time.

The performance chart in the top right shows you annualized (not cumulative) % returns that take into consideration additions, withdrawals, and fees. The ‘Period’ column is defined by the date range you selected. The default date range is Year-to-Date.

Scrolling down you will find circle charts describing the allocation of your investment accounts. The left side is broad (Equity, Bonds, Money Market) and the right side is more detailed (US Stocks, Non-US Stocks, etc). You will find the performance of each of these categories below the charts. It is interesting to take note of the different returns from various categories over time. These differences are diversification in action.

The bottom left “spaghetti chart” shows you the performance of a variety of broad market indices over the time period you selected. Allow me to decode these for you quickly:

  • Bloomberg Barclays US Agg Bond – the US bond market
  • S&P 500 – largest 500 US publicly traded companies
  • S&P 600 SmallCap – small publicly traded US companies
  • MSCI EAFE – stocks in international developed markets
  • MSCI Emerging Markets – stocks in international emerging markets
  • Consumer Price Index – US inflation
  • S&P US REIT – US-based real estate investment funds

The bottom right is an excerpt from the Riskalyze risk analysis software. The risk score is on a scale of 100 and helps us quantify what kind of downside volatility we can expect from your portfolio. The chart shows you that there is a 95% probability that your portfolio value will end up between the red dot and the green dot six months from now.

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